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    Our stake pool has two physically separated relay servers. This ensures high uptime and availability. In combination with our low costs, you get the best returns on your stake possible.

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    Your peace of mind is our focus

    Our stake pool is designed to give you peace of mind. Read how our solution will make sure you the best results possible.

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    Monitoring block producing and relay servers

    We are constantly monitoring our nodes and servers.

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First staking epoch is coming and the value of the d(ecentralisation)-parameter

In one of Charles last videos he announced that the start of first staking epoch would be pushed back by one epoch (5 days) allowing exchanges to complete their transition towards the Shelley protocol. Coming thursday 13 august 21.45 UTC this epoch will begin and we will start earning rewards on our stake. Instead of an abrupt transition from the federated (non decentralised) pools to the decentralised stake pool operated pools, Cardano has chosen to go for a gradually transition where as time passes more and more blocks will be produced by stakepool operators. This transititon is controlled by the d(ecentralisation)-paramater, where d=1 equals non decentralised and d=0 equals fully decentralised. While IOHK still hasn't definitely decided of the speed the d-parameter will decrease, Charles has suggested in his last video a decrease of 0,025 per epoch (5 days). This would mean that it would take around 200 days to get fully decentralised (and grow towards the maximum rewards).

With this minimal decrease of the d-parameter it will take some time before there will be a significant number of blocks produced by stake pools (including ours). Also remember that the rewards of a produced block are paid out, two epochs after the epoch of the minted block (5 to 10 days  after the produced block). We are ready and the rewards are starting to come slowly but surely. Onwards to full decentralisation and maximum rewards we go!

All stake pools to be visible now on new Daedalus version 2.0.1

In the first version of Daedalus was a litte bug that caused not all stake pools to be visible in the overview. This is fixed in new version. Our stake pool is at number 37 (out of 677) at the moment, and can be found easily by searching for our ticker RELAX.

Stake and Relax in Daedalus spot 37

Stake and Relax pool running excellent

After the successful hard fork event, the long-awaited Shelley era has come. From now on all ADA holders can delegate their ADA to stake pools to get a return on their stake. While we are still in the first epoch of the Shelley era, already 700 stake pools are registered on the blockchain. In general, this is a good thing for the decentralization of Cardano, but when we analyze the stake pools, we see that some pool-operators have created up to 20 stake pools. In the unwishful circumstance that all these stake pools are saturated the stake distribution becomes more centralized then necessary.

We have decided to go for only one stake pool that gets our full undivided attention and we don’t have to share resources. After some endurance and stress testing, we can say that the nodes are running excellent. We are ready to start producing blocks as soon as the decentralization parameter starts decreasing and we start moving from centralized federated nodes towards a decentralized stake pool operated system.

Stake pool status and fees

RELAX 99,3% No > 8,5 million > 99,8% > 100.000 ₳ 0 ₳ 0,7%

* In the Shelley protocol a minimal fixed fee of 340 ₳ is hardcoded. We will not add any additional fixed costs on top this minimum.


Stake and Relax stake pool (RELAX)

Welcome to the completely renewed website of our stake pool. Now Shelley is coming to the mainnet we thought it was a good time to do some redesigning of the website. On the website you'll find how we've setup our stake pool (the block producing node and relays), statistics on the amount of produced blocks, rewards and the amount of stake that is delegated to our pool. Also we will explain why our stake pool will ensure you get the highest rewards possible. Furthermore, you can find some basic information about how staking works, the team who is operating the stake pool and more interesting updates about our stake pool and Cardano.

We hope you'll consider delegating to our stake pool. Our stake pool has the ticker RELAX and can easily found on Daedalus. Have a look around on the website and if you have any unanswered questions feel free to contact us at
website@cardano-stake-and-relax.com and we will be in touch with you.

The team of Stake and Relax

Stake pool

Stake pool location