By pledging the owner(s) and operator(s) of the stake pool vow a certain amount of ADA to the stake pool. This way the delegators to the stake pool can rest assure that we are not only giving them our word to get the maximal return possible on their stake, it is also in our best interest. The difference between pledge and delegation is that a pledge is locked in the stake pool and can't be taken out without a severe penalty. We will pledge around 100.000 ADA to the stake pool, the rest of our ADA we will delegate to our pool.

The mechanism of pledging makes the Cardano network more robust and resilient against sybil attack. A sybil attack is basically an attack aimed to get control over 50% of the network for a short time. By pledging stake to stake pools, we as a community prevent that sybil attacks can be carried with relatively low costs. 

As a small reward for pledging stake, the stake pool has a slightly higher chance of producing blocks (0,1% - 0,25% ROS). As with all profits made by minting (producing) blocks by the stake pool, the returns are divided equally among all delegators. In this division of rewards pledgers are treated like delegators, so there is no special treatment. If you want to help bring even higher rewards to our stake pool by also pledging a certain amount of ADA, please contact us by email. We will try to make it lucrative for you as individual pledger by giving you a small percentage of our operational costs. (As we are already working with small margins, this will be a small reward of appreciation).